As our region seeks to expand our entrepreneurial ecosystem, there is growing interest in the role that VersAbility can play. VersAbility is able to offer our 100,000-square-foot facility in Hampton, in addition to a clean room, tools and equipment, and extensive experience in manufacturing/assembly/order fulfillment. Most importantly, we have a skilled and scalable workforce of individuals with and without disabilities who can stand up or stand down at any time to mirror demand.

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Frog Skin SampleFounder Brian Stewart was looking for a new and innovative way to treat his kids soft tissue injuries from sports. Being a NASA engineer with more than 35 years of experience designing materials and structures, he came up with Frog-Skin, a temperature-controlled compression bandage specifically made for soft tissue injuries. Just wrap the bandage around the affected area and place the ice above. The bandages can maintain either a 41-degree or 61-degree skin temperature based on the persons preferences.

Since November of 2016, VersAbility has been a proud partner of Frog-Skin. Currently VersAbility Resources is the primary production, packaging, and order fulfillment resource for Frog-Skin and is helping employ many people with disabilities in Hampton Roads.

Haven Soap Products on ShelfWhen Kayce and her family moved to Virginia from New York, she needed support for her business, HAVEN Natural Home Care products. She went to Old Dominion University for advice and they referred Kayce to VersAbility. VersAbility Resources is now Kayce’s order fulfillment and production partner.

People with disabilities in our center-based work program attach labels, clean bottles, prepare products, and assist with order fulfillment and packaging.

Employees with Boxes at TableVersAbility Resources currently packages STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) boxes for students. Through this contract with Groovy Lab in a Box, people with disabilities from VersAbility Resources package thousands of boxes a month that are then sent to children. Each month the box contains new projects that make science and learning fun. Our talented and flexible workforce is proud to be a part of Groovy Lab’s Success.