With VersAbility Resources’ On-site Employment Services program, we create solutions for a wide array of business partners by providing them with a capable and flexible workforce who perform the work at our facilities in Hampton and Gloucester. The staffing solutions we provide through our On-site Employment Services program benefit companies who may not have the space or resources to complete needed projects at their facility, all while creating jobs in Hampton Roads for people with disabilities. The projects we work on at our Hampton and Gloucester locations include manufacturing a wound-care product, cleaning industrial fixtures, coordinating mailings, and assembling and packaging a variety of materials.

Our employees are dedicated, hard-working and truly appreciate the opportunity to work.  This program provides long-term employment and training for adults with disabilities; some of the people employed in this program have been working at VersAbiltiy Resources for over 50 years!

For more information about our On-site Employment Services program, contact Lakisa Ward at (757) 896-6470 or lward@versability.org.