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Creating successful partnerships in the community

VersAbility Resources offers a successful Supported Employment Program to help regional businesses thrive while providing long-term jobs in community settings for people with disabilities.

The program is designed to support mild to severe disabilities by providing skilled Employment Specialists and individualized assessments, on-site job training, and long-term supervision and support to the individuals with disabilities and those who employ them. Employment Specialists continue to provide follow-along services, including periodic counseling, phone calls to the employer and the employee, and continued on-site training as needed.

We provide Supported Employment opportunities at job locations across Hampton Roads. People with disabilities in VersAbility’s Supported Employment program help the following businesses thrive: Arby’s, Busch Gardens, Dept. of Transportation at Ft. Eustis, Newport News Fire Department, and more.

Our team is constantly exploring options for new Supported Employment business partners and would love your recommendation of a business that may be a good fit.

Call Mike Palmer at (757) 896-6461 or to learn more about this outstanding program.

Improve the lives of individuals with disabilities in our community.

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Improve the lives of individuals with disabilities in our community.