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Transitioning students from classroom to employment

VersAbility Resources’ Transition to Work program ensures students with disabilities successfully move from the special education classroom to paid employment.

The Transition to Work program bridges a gap in services for our young individuals with disabilities who finish high school and struggle to make the transition to work settings. This program combines paid work opportunities with specialized training to prepare students for successful employment after high school.

Employment Specialists from VersAbility teach students a variety of skills to be successful in the future, including the importance of attendance, proper attire, a strong work ethic, focusing on the task, following instructions, and working well with others.

One of the initial jobs of individuals in the Transition to Work program is to disassbleme the electronic equipment brought to VersAbility Resources by businesses and individuals for recycling.

We’ve seen students flourish in the workplace, truly engaging in self-determination, and career exploration while earning wages. Transition planning and programs like this help ensure your child’s happiness and satisfaction after high school and into adulthood.

Call us Kenda Wormley (757) 896-8444 or to learn more about this outstanding program.
We’d also love to hear from businesses that may be willing to partner with us to provide students work opportunities.

Improve the lives of individuals with disabilities in our community.

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Improve the lives of individuals with disabilities in our community.