A Simple Gesture Goes A Long Way!

Terrell Carter poses with his Certificate of Appreciation

Terrell Carter, a food service manager at the VA Medical Center in Hampton, VA was moved when he received an Employer Appreciation Certificate recently for outstanding performance.

Deborah Ross, Employment Specialist for Hired Hands/VersAbility takes great pride in supporting people with disabilities in finding and maintaining successful employment. One individual she supports works under the supervision of Terrell.

Deborah recently noticed that Terrell had been going above and beyond to help the individual feel supported and be successful, not because he had to, but because he knows the pride and sense of accomplishment you feel after a job well done.

After seeing Terrell’s compassion and dedication to his job and his co-workers, Deborah wanted to make sure he knew how much he is appreciated. Recently she presented him an Employer Appreciation Certificate thanking him for his amazing work ethic and dedication.

He was incredibly moved by the gesture and couldn’t thank his superiors enough. This was the first certificate he has received and was very proud.

“Terrell is doing great work and we are honored to have him as a part of our team. It takes a lot of patience to support people with disabilities and we just wanted to show him how much we truly appreciate him and his dedication to the people we serve”, says Ross.

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