VersAbility Resources creates employment opportunities for people of all abilities, including those with disabilities. We offer jobs and career opportunities based on professional interests and personal goals. We work hard to match people with the best fit so both the employee and the employer can thrive.

We are a leader in federal contracts that employ people with disabilities and boast a Supported Employment Program that provides job opportunities in the Hampton Roads community and surrounding region. We offer work readiness and training programs that help students with documented disabilities prepare for the future.

We invite you to learn more about all of our employment programs!

Government Contracts

Support the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, NASA and Military Sealift Command through a wide range of careers that include loading food on ships and mail delivery to 26 bases nationwide.

Supported Employment

Find out about job opportunities that help regional business thrive.

Business Services

We exceed employer expectations and partner with businesses by offering a talented workforce for employers in Hampton Roads.

 Staff & Administration

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