Wings for All


The Wings for all event on April 6, 2019 was a great success and one we look forward to continuing in the months and years to come. VersAbility Resources recently partnered with the Arc of the U.S. to help alleviate the stress for people with disabilities and their families when traveling by air. During the event, 26 participants passed through TSA, waited at their gate, and boarded an airplane with their family/support staff members. Once guests were safely seated on board the plane, Norfolk International Airport staff went through their safety briefing. Guests then proceeded to deboard the plane and joined VersAbility for a warm reception. Participants during Saturdays event thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

“I just wanted to thank you for this event.  It was meaningful for those who attended and while my client loved the snacks and food, he also learned some valuable lessons and got to finally see the inside of an airplane.

Your organization and those with whom you partnered did an excellent job at every turn – I don’t think I have ever experienced a smoother run event – even waiting to board was realistic :).  The volunteers readily engaged the participants which helped pass the time.

Thank you again for organizing this event.”

  • Kathi Thomas

Norfolk International Airport was completely committed to this event and had staff from the Airport Authority, TSA, American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, Hudson Group, and HMS Host participating in the event as well.  VersAbility Resources had volunteers to help with registration, directing participants, passing out goodie bags with VersAbility swag, and collecting evaluations.

It was a great event that benefitted both participants and airline staff. Many at Norfolk International Airport are interested in doing it again and there is the possibility of expanding to Newport News-Williamsburg.


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