Meet Barry

Meet Barry!


Barry Vaughan is an individual with disabilities who worked at VersAbility’s Hampton site for over 9 years. In addition to intellectual disabilities, Barry has a physical disability that limits the use of one of his arms. This made it challenging for him to do some of the work and, even when he was working, he wasn’t motivated because he had a difficult time performing and couldn’t keep up with his coworkers. A supervisor from VersAbility created a jig that held items in place, making it possible for Barry to complete work. With just one modification, Barry was able to work at the same rate as his peers. His increased self-worth and confidence improved his socialization skills.

Barry told his supervisor it was his dream to work at a restaurant as a greeter. To prepare him for this position, he began working as a greeter for VersAbility. He continued to advocate for himself and, with assistance from VersAbility’s Supported Employment program, was hired by Outback Steakhouse in Newport News to welcome guests!

Barry truly enjoys his job; he loves meeting new people, welcoming everyone to the restaurant, and checking in with the guests to ensure they have a great meal.

In addition to all of his accomplishments, Barry also recently battled prostate cancer and rang the bell for his final treatment as he is now cancer free. It seems as if nothing can stop Barry from living out his dreams to the fullest!

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