Meet Mackenzie

Meet Mackenzie!


Mackenzie, a proud employee at VersAbility’s Puller Center in Gloucester where people with disabilities from throughout the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck work, receive job training, and develop their life skills.

When Mackenzie began working at the Puller Center she had a hard time with changes to her routine which brought on anxiety and led to crying spells.  It interfered with her work and that of other employees.

Puller Center staff were trained in how to best support Mackenzie.  They gave her time to decompress, collect her thoughts, and identify and discuss what made her anxious. Mackenzie no longer experiences anxiety when her schedule or tasks change.

Mackenzie is now thriving at work, always giving her best and easily making friends.  Mackenzie takes pride in her job at the Puller Center and shares that because she works, she can pay for her cell phone. VersAbility helped change Mackenzie’s life and future.

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