Meet Michael Tomchick, VersAbility’s New CFO

VersAbility Michael

Michael Tomchick’s dedication to service continued after he retired as a master sergeant from the Air Force. In March 2024, he embarked on a new journey with VersAbility Resources, driven by the desire to contribute positively.

“Joining VersAbility was a decision from the heart — to support a cause where the impact is profound. It’s a pivotal moment when you realize only 22% of people with disabilities are employed, despite the pressing need for talent across industries.”

Born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, Michael was captivated by the skies from a young age, a fascination that propelled him into the Air Force with dreams of flying.

His early experiences at Tyndall Air Force Base were transformative, providing him with the skills to perform command-and-control of military aircraft from all services, including fighter jets, bombers and support aircraft. His expertise eventually led him to the distinguished role of weapons director aboard the USAF E-3 Sentry AWACS aircraft, where he honed his skills taking part in missions of national importance.

Michael served two tours with NATO overseas: his first at RAF Greenham Common just outside London in the United Kingdom and his last at Geilenkirchen, Germany. During multiple deployments, Michael earned an MBA in Finance from Drexel University summa cum laude.

He and his wife, Susan, spent four enriching years in Germany before Michael concluded his military career in 2008.

Transitioning to civilian life, Michael ventured into mergers and acquisitions with a national portfolio company as the director of operations and finance. His leadership prowess elevated him to the role of CEO/CFO of a multispecialty dental service organization in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he was instrumental in increasing access to care for patients without insurance while steering the business toward 33% growth. His journey led him farther south in 2022 when he was recruited to stand up a new dental service organization in Virginia Beach. Currently, Michael enjoys the tranquility of Toano, where he lives with Susan, their three children, and Gracie, their 16-year-old Dachshund.

Outside the demands of professional life, Michael dedicates his time to The Youth Aeronautics Educational Foundation. This nonprofit engages youngsters in STEM disciplines through hands-on training, inspiring the next generation of pilots. Michael continues his lifelong passion for aviation and education by mentoring young, aspiring pilots, guiding them toward achieving their pilot’s license.

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