Meet Sheila

Sheila smiling at her custodial job for VersAbility

Meet Sheila!

Sheila smiling at her custodial job for VersAbility

Sheila always took her job seriously.  Sheila led the custodial team at VersAbility, making sure everything shined and her team exhibited the same high standards she held for her work.  

“I make sure everything is clean; I love the work I do and they like having me here,” said Sheila.

One day, Sheila noticed staff in the Envisions Day Support program using visual supports for individuals with disabilities.  She liked that it made communication possible for individuals who couldn’t read or were non-verbal.  Sheila spoke with staff about implementing visual supports throughout the building in bathrooms and break areas.  With the support of her supervisor, Sheila developed a cleaning log for the bathrooms that the custodial staff use to mark when a bathroom was cleaned and by whom.  Other visual supports Sheila instituted include proper hand washing and trash disposal.  

Due to Sheila’s knowledge and commitment to her job, she began training other individuals with disabilities in performing custodial job responsibilities.   

Although she took great pride in her work, Sheila was looking forward to retirement.  She started attending VersAbility’s Envisions Day Support program in Newport News three days a week; her other days are spent leading the custodial team until she decides to fully retire.  In Envisions she delivers Meals on Wheels, creates art, and stays active, but she is most excited about learning how to use a computer.

On her days off, Sheila stays busy.  She enjoys trips to Hawaii, New York City, and Florida.  One Friday each month, she gets together with her senior citizens group, the “Lunch Bunch”, to catch up over a good meal.  Saturdays are for bowling, going to the gym, meeting up with girlfriends, and attending usher meetings at her church.  Sheila may be retiring, but she’s not slowing down!

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