VersAbility Resources offers a robust recreation program led by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. The program focuses on increasing recreational opportunities for people with disabilities. We teach new skills and expand an individual’s social and volunteer activities, which include group yoga, art and music therapy, pet therapy, indoor/outdoor walks, community outings, health education, dancing, and much more. These recreational programs help relieve stress, facilitate positive interactions, and contribute to a general joy of living.

Our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist finds programs that encourage people with disabilities to achieve recreational proficiencies. Special needs in areas like motor, memory, linguistic, and organizational skills are addressed with a range of activities that are satisfying, structured, and diminish the fear of failure. Some of these same programs are utilized at our Envisions Day Support program.

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Middle and high school years are a time of transition for many students, but for students with disabilities that transition can be marked with difficulty. VersAbility Ability Club systematically reinforces social skills needed to build meaningful relationships for students with autism, intellectual disabilities, and other social or communication disorders. The Ability Club is a 6-week program with peer mentoring from high school students and college volunteers. To date, over 20 students with disabilities have improved their social, conversational, turn-taking, and routine skills in order to build meaningful relationships. Ability Club also focuses on personal safety within the community, particularly when engaging with first responders. Many families share that their most memorable experience with the Ability Club is the excitement their child has to come and participate and the positive effects they see. If you child would like to participate in the Ability Club, please contact Cheryl Collier for information on our next session at (757) 896-8430 or Registration for a six-week session is $25.