We help students with disabilities prepare for life after high school and the transition to employment, postsecondary education, and participation in our community. Through our Ability Club, Ready 2 Work, Transition to Work, and Pre-Employment Transition programs, students learn a variety of technical and soft skills, explore jobs with community employers, and gain paid work experience.

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Student-WorkerVersAbility Resources’ Transition to Work program ensures students with disabilities successfully move from the special education classroom to paid employment. VersAbility staff teach students a variety of technical and soft skills such as following instructions, working well with others, and the importance of proper attire, a strong work ethic, attendance, and productivity. Students work and earn minimum wages on-site at VersAbility Resources. For more information, contact Kendra Wormley, at(757) 896-8444 or kworlmey@verability.org.

Ready 2 Work is an intensive, summer workforce development program with the Boys and Girls Club of the Virginia Peninsula for students with disabilities and those considered at-risk to help prepare them for today’s competitive job market. Students participate in lessons from Boy’s & Girls Club’s Career Launch curriculum, covering topics such as resume writing, interview skills, and financial literacy. Students rotate through paid jobs at VersAbility’s Hampton location and receive job shadowing and exploration opportunities at business sites. To learn more, contact Kendra Wormley at (757) 896-8444 or kwormley@versability.org.

VersAbility Resources has a long tradition of providing employment and transition services for people with disabilities in our local and extended community. Our Pre-ETS Discovery Academy takes place over the summer and focuses on Work-based Learning Experiences and Instruction in Self Advocacy. Students must be referred to this program by the Department of Aging and Rehabilitation Services (DARS). For more information, contact Kendra Wormley at (757) 896-8444 or kwormley@versability.org.