Puller Center Open House

A woman speaker into a microphone under a tent in front of the Puller Center building

On April 11, 2019, we hosted an Open House at the Puller Center located in Gloucester, VA. Community members, families, staff, and people with disabilities from the Puller Center all came out for a beautiful day of celebration as we thanked the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust and the Gloucester Rotary Club for their generous grant funding that went towards the Puller Center’s exterior renovations. Thanks to their help we were able to improve the signage, walkways, curb appeal, and main entrance to our building. During this event we had a light lunch, music, comments from Kasia Grzelkowski, VersAbility’s CEO/President and surprise thanks from many people with disabilities who are employed at the Puller Center and participate in the Day Support program.

Two women smile and pose in front of a microphone under a tent while one holds a plaque and the other holds a drawing of hearts
Two women and three men smile and pose beneath a tent while two women hold a sheet of paper with drawings of hearts
Three women and one man stand behind a microphone under a tent holding up a sheet of paper with drawings of hearts
A woman serves hotdogs to a line of people in front of a table beneath a tent
A women speaker into a microphone under a tent while another woman listens from behind

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