Support VersAbility Through Instagram’s DONATE Sticker in Stories!

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Spending a lot of time on Instagram these days?

Not to worry, you aren’t alone! We all are.

But now, the growing social media giant has made it possible to make your time on the network even more meaningful.

In the spring of 2019, Instagram launched a “donation sticker” in the platform’s stories feature, allowing users to raise money for their favorite non-profits (of which, we hope VersAbility is one of yours).

Thanks to Facebook, which owns Instagram, covering the credit-card processing fees and costs of operating the donation feature, all of the donations made will come straight to the charity you choose (hint…hint…we hope you’ll choose VersAbility).

How does it work?

Open your Instagram account.

Navigate to your stories.

Select an image you want to share, or take a photo with the stories camera feature.

Under the stickers tab inside stories, select DONATION.

Search for VERSABILITY RESOURCES. You’ll likely see a list of non-profits and foundations you already follow, or who people you follow are following, pop up in the search tool.

Once you’ve selected the non-profit to support, you can give your fundraiser a title.

Make your story LIVE and let your followers support a cause you love.

Sound confusing at all? Not to worry. Instagram makes it easy to get this set up. Just follow along with the cues they give you.

Thank you in advance for supporting our vision of a world where people with disabilities enjoy dignified, productive lives of their choosing as fully accepted members of society.


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