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VersAbility Resources Opens COVID-19 Relief Fund to Support People with Disabilities During Crisis

HAMPTON, Virginia – Due to the financial strain and effects from the COVID-19 crisis, VersAbility Resources has launched a relief fund to help provide enhanced support for people with significant disabilities sheltering in place in our residential homes.

“Any amount helps the people with disabilities we serve,” said Kasia Grzelkowski, CEO of VersAbility. “A gift from you, no matter how big or small makes all the difference to people with disabilities many of whom will remain isolated longer due to underlying vulnerabilities and fragile health.”

Donations can be made online at versability.org/covid19.

VersAbility’s residential program remains fully operational with staff providing 24/7 care in 10 homes across Newport News, Hampton and York County. VersAbility staff provides a safe and comforting environment, including daily activities, meals, bathing, and medications to maintain the physical and mental health of each individual.

A donation of $25 provides arts and crafts supplies, movies, games and skill-building resources while residents shelter in place. A gift of $50 funds additional cleaning supplies to keep residents and staff safe and healthy. A donation of $100 buys food, masks, gloves, gowns and other essential items for our residents and allows staff to safely provide care round the clock.

“Although COVID-19 has forced us to take preventative measures to maintain the health and safety of our employees, the people with disabilities we serve, and our community, VersAbility is still providing mission-essential services across our organization,” Grzelkowski said.

VersAbility’s early childhood program continues providing screening services and coordinating therapies for children via phone and/or video conferencing.

“Every day, people with disabilities are going to work to provide mission-essential services for the military,” Grzelkowski said. “Our team answers global calls for the Air Force 24/7, cleans essential government facilities, serves food, and makes eyeglasses for military personnel. Our team is also responsible for loading food on Navy ships from Norfolk to Guam and recently supplied the hospital ships Comfort and Mercy.”

To learn more about VersAbility Resources, visit versability.org.

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