Donate Your Birthday on Facebook to VersAbility in Six Easy Steps!

Hundreds of millions of dollars.

That’s how much has been raised for charities since last year on Facebook. Yes, FACEBOOK!

If you haven’t heard, the world’s top social network implemented a FUNDRAISING capability in 2017, encouraging users to have their friends, family and social connections give to a charity of their choice in honor of their birthday (or just because).

It’s one of the easiest ways to help organizations you believe in, and one of the greatest ways to become an ambassador of our mission here.

The best part? If you want to help, and are moved to donate your birthday on Facebook to VersAbility, you can set it up in just six easy steps.

  1. Go to your Facebook page. If on a desktop, look on the left side column, under the EXPLORE heading, for the FUNDRAISERS option. You might have to select SEE MORE.

If you’re accessing Facebook from your mobile device, tap the hamburger icon (three little horizontal lines stacked on top of each other) in the lower right corner and look for FUNDRAISERS there.

From here, Facebook will walk you through the steps.

2. Determine a title for your fundraiser. If you are using the Facebook fundraising platform for your birthday, be sure to include that in the title.

3. Select the non-profit you want to raise money for. We hope you’ll select VersAbility Resources, of course!

4. Identify the amount of money you want to raise. Every dollar helps us reach our goal to providing more opportunities and services for individuals with disabilities and their families. No amount is too small!

5. Pick a date you want your fundraiser to end. We recommend giving your Facebook friends up to two weeks to give.

6. Write a description for your fundraiser and tell people about why you’re raising money for VersAbility. We’d love for you to tell your connections about our mission – supporting people with disabilities in leading productive and fulfilling lives – and our vision of a world where people with disabilities enjoy dignified, productive lives of their choosing as fully accepted members of society. If you want more details about what and how we go about reaching those goals, visit our ABOUT US page here.

Facebook doesn’t charge fees on fundraisers for non-profits like VersAbility. After your birthday fundraiser is complete, VersAbility will receive the donations directly from Facebook, Network for Good or the PayPal Giving Fund.

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