Support VersAbility Resources this Spring

Throughout the ongoing pandemic, VersAbility Resources has continued supporting people with disabilities of all ages in leading lives of purpose and opportunity. Our holistic approach to services includes seeking innovative ways to meet the needs of those we serve.

The prolonged pandemic has been hard on us all, but has been especially difficult for people with disabilities. COVID-19 forced us to close our in-person programs, sending hundreds of adults with disabilities home for their safety. People with disabilities endured significant disruption of their daily routines and were unable to participate in activities outside the home. These disruptions led to loss of skills and mental health challenges including anxiety, frustration, and confusion for people with disabilities.

As we safely reopen our day programs, community engagement is a primary focus. Community engagement benefits mental health and well-being, and promotes social and skill development for people of all abilities.

Over one hundred people with disabilities are unable to access community engagement services due to lack of funding. These individuals are missing access to learning opportunities, resources for a healthy lifestyle, and the social and skill development that builds independence.

With your support, we can open doors for people with disabilities and eliminate barriers to being active citizens of our community. Your generosity helps VersAbility provide memberships to community centers/gyms so people with disabilities get regular exercise, take classes, volunteer, enjoy the amenities of our community, and more!

Help us end isolation and break down barriers for people with disabilities by donating to VersAbility today. Donations can be made directly online here.

Thank you for your generosity!

Your gift helps people with disabilities participate in our community and build their independence and sense of belonging. Your donation creates rewarding lives of opportunity and purpose.

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