VersAbility’s Government Contract Coordinator Sets Up Employees for Success

VersAbility Government Contract Coordinator Crystal Boyd at her desk

The crux of Crystal Boyd’s job mirrors the mission of VersAbility Resources.

The nonprofit supports people with disabilities by helping them lead productive and fulfilling lives. Employment is a key part of that.

As VersAbility’s Government Contracts Coordinator, Boyd manages Individual Eligibility Evaluations (IEE). In lay terms, every VersAbility employee with a reported disability is eligible to work on what’s called an AbilityOne contract. The AbilityOne Program provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Each new hire receives an initial IEE, renewable every year. It’s Boyd’s role to review an employee’s disability documentation and coordinate with that employee’s hiring manager as to what, if any, accommodations are needed. Based on that information, Boyd writes a compelling report detailing the specific accommodations that must be in place to ensure that employee’s success on the job.

Typically, Boyd writes 30 reports per month.

“What I really enjoy is speaking to the managers because they are so passionate,” she said. “They know their employees. They know what their needs are, what their challenges are. You can hear the passion they have for what they’re doing.”

Boyd will ask managers to paint a picture of the employee. She often needs to know personal and transportation information in case any of that interferes with on-the-job performance. If an employee has anxiety about one part of the job, that responsibility can often be eliminated until the employee is comfortable. Hours can be altered to adjust for rides as well.

“My position manages the behind-the-scenes aspects that allow an employee to be successful,” she said.

Boyd will often work with new employees who need assistance filling out paperwork for clearances and other documentation. Precautions related to the pandemic have prevented her from visiting job sites regularly.

“I long for the day where I can go visit the contracts, see what people are doing, see firsthand how we’re impacting,” she said. “Until then, I will live vicariously through the managers!”

Boyd has always had a passion for service. She earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology at Liberty University before completing a Master’s in Human and Social Services from Walden University.

Boyd has a grandson with autism, which gives her a special appreciation for the difference VersAbility makes in so many people’s lives.

During one conversation, a manager pointed out an employee’s unabashed joy at earning an award. The response touched the manager and Boyd also.

“It reminded me of my grandson when he gets super happy,” Boyd said. “He can’t say, ‘I’m happy. I’m sad. I feel accomplished.’ But you can see it.”

Boyd can’t imagine a better professional fit than VersAbility, where she was worked since March 2021. Her grandson is just 2. But knowing he may someday benefit from VersAbility inspires her.

“When I came here, it gave me a different kind of hope for what kind of future he might have,” she said. “It’s good to know if he needs help, there is a service like this.”

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